May's Flower Moon

May's Flower Moon

Why is this called the Flower Moon?

At this time of year we see gardens coming alive and flowers blooming. For this reason, in the northern hemisphere, May's full moon is called the Flower Moon.


What is the meaning behind the Flower Moon?

Just as flowers and gardens are symbols of rebirth and abundance, so is the Flower Moon. This moon is all about growth, abundance, prosperity, fertility, creativity, love, and harmony. 

This will be a great time to focus on goals and rituals related to the energies listed above! 



If you plan on working a ritual for this moon consider bringing in some specific correspondences to help boost your rituals energy or power. 

For candle or ribbon magick try colors in red, orange, yellow, pink or green.

If you intend on using crystals look for rose quartz, malachite, moonstone, green aventurine, and the ever true clear quartz. 

My herbalist friends might want to consider working with lavender, chamomile, rose, honeysuckles, jasmine, yarrow, or elderflowers. And because this moon is also associated with the element of fire, cinnamon can be a great herb to use as well.


Here's what I'll be doing...

As with all full moons, I like to do the usual, ie: moon water, fairy offering, charging of miscellaneous magical tools, and gratitude journaling.

For this full moon in particular I will be making moon water with the intent of soaking in the abundant and fertile energy of the Flower Moon. It would also be smart if I charged my corresponding crystals, but honestly, I'll probably forget that part. I'll leave a pat of butter out for my fairy friends as I usually do, they're especially active right now keeping my garden alive and beautiful. And I'll be gratitude journaling with a pink and green candle lit in thanks to the universe for all of the beautiful things in my life. 

Some witches feel full moons are for releasing while others believe they are for manifesting. My take, do whatever feels right to you. Thats the beautiful thing about a spiritual journey, its individual to you.

Have a Blessed Full Moon Sweet Fairy Friends 

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