Faeries of Wind & Rain

Faeries of Wind & Rain

If you're anything like me, then you look towards all of nature's wonders and know that there lies a spirit.

Today a tropical storm brought us heavy rains and strong winds and I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the Sylphs and Hyades.

Of the air and wind, there are Sylphs.

Sylphs are proud and whimsical creatures. Like everything about the element of air, they represent knowledge, creativity, and new experiences.

They are thought to influence people's ideas and thoughts and have strong connections to nature, art, and forests. If you see a form in the clouds or in beams of light then you might have been deemed worthy enough to glimpse a sylph.

You can call upon the sylphs when you are need of help with anything air related, be it truly elemental (a gust of wind blown your way) or spiritual (knowledge, creativity, experiences).

Like all spirits, they must be treated with respect and an offering needs to be left. This can be incense, feathers, light blue or white candles, and as always song and dance.


Of water and rain, there are Hyades.

Hyades are a group of sisters that bring the rain. They were originally 5 sisters, daughters of the heaven Titan Atlas, set in constellations.

When their brother Hyas was killed by a lion, they wept from the stars, bringing to the Earth, rain. 

The Hyades symbolize not only rain, but sisterhood, grief, cleansing, and purification. If you wish to call on them you can offer them a lit candle of blue, white, or grey. You can cry and let your tears drop to the earth. Or you can pour wine out as libations as they are also associated with Dionysus. 

If you find yourself amidst the wind and rain, be sure to acknowledge the sylphs and hyades.


Happy Haunting Faerie Friends!

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