The Witches Familiar

The Witches Familiar

What is a familiar?

Many moons ago, a witches familiar was considered a low ranking demon that was given to the witch by the devil himself. But that of course was nonsensical rhetoric proclaimed by the fear mongerers. 

Now, a familiar is considered an animal guide or spirit that protects the witch. Most people, myself included, believe there to be a mind link of sorts with our familiars. I know with my dog, who is now very very old, we have always had a strong connection. Since I first saw him at puppy prison (the pound) I knew that I was meant to be his caretaker, and in many ways, he has been mine. There's one particular time I can recall where I was outside crying over the loss of my dad and he was in our sons room (he's an absolute nanny dog) but he had whined and whined until my husband finally let him out and he immediately ran and cuddled up to me. This is why I believe the mind-link between a familiar and their witch is indeed very real. 

Animal Guides

The animals I'm going to mention aren't necessarily familiars, nor are they the only animals guides a person can have by a long shot, they're just the ones I happen to have painted. If there are anymore you want me to cover, send me a message from the "contact us" page or reach out to me via DM on instagram!


Tiger's are awe inspiring and powerful. They symbolize strength, courage, fearlessness, and admiration. Because the tiger embodies the gifts of heightened awareness and intuition they can guide us on a path to better trusting our intuition.


The owl, with its large all seeing eyes, symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and protection. Because owls can see in the dark they guide us to seek truths, wisdom, and when called upon can strengthen our intuition, wisdom, and clairvoyance.


Fawn's are considered one of natures purist animals. They symbolize youth, innocence, and purity. But they also symbolize courage in the face of the unknown and authenticity. They are good to call upon in times of change. If you feel drawn to the fawn it could mean that a new beginning is being brought to you. It could also mean that you have an untaped potential that needs to be addressed.


The fox is most always described as cunning and clever. Because of this they symbolize protection, playfulness, courage, and good luck. They are often animal spirits that guide us through transformative journeys, showing us how to use our intuition and authentic selves.


Let me know if we should add to the familiar series and which animals you would like to see!

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I’ve always identified with an owl. Love this!


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