Which Witch is Which

Which Witch is Which

The number one question I get is "what kind of witch are you?" And I never have an answer haha. I grew up in the time before social media and the internet (oooooold lol) and explored my spirituality through books in the occult sections of Hastings and libraries. I never thought to question what kind of witch I was, I just was. 

Although I don't believe in putting oneself into a box per se, I do fully understand how helpful it can be to categorize in order to learn. Afterall, I did start off learning through astrology sections and working my way to Celtic magicks. 

So without further ado, here are a few popular Witch Types. 


Faery Witch:

These witches work closely with nature and the fae. They often seek out fae deities and are very closely tied to the elements. They work with fairies, spirits, and the fae realm.


Lunar Witch:

These are the witches who closely follow the moon cycles and work with the powers of the moon. They often follow lunar deities and perform their rituals and spells at night. 


Solar Witch:

Likewise, solar witches follow the sun and its energies. They often seek the guidance of solar deities and work light magick. They can also be found working with stars, as afterall, the sun is a star. 


Solitary Witch:

I find these witches to be very common in our new modern day. These are the witches who work alone. They can join groups for special occasions, such as sabbats, but most often, as the name suggests, they work solitarily.


Hereditary Witch:

To me these are the lucky few, the witches who come from a generational line of practitioners. I'm hoping my own children fall into this category one day but their path is their own, so we shall see.


Hearth/Cottage Witch:

These witches are of the home. They focus on domestic magick, often specializing in herbalism, kitchen witchery, and folklore. They often seek out hearth deities.  


Green Witch:

A green witch is our gardener friend. They are often caring for plants, working plant magick, befriending garden creatures, and the one crafting herbalist potions. They often seek guidance from nature deities.


Eclectic Witch:

I think the majority of us fall into this category. Just a mix of all the above, following their own rules, their own path, and generally just doing what feels right to them. Of course that goes for all types of witchcraft as witchcraft is a very personal path.


Do you fall under of these categories? I think I personally categorize myself under the Faery Witch (obviously) and also the Cottage Witch but overall I'm extremely Eclectic. 

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