Which Animal Spirit Guides You?

Take the quiz "Which Animal Spirit Guides You?" to see if your guide is the tiger, fawn, fox, or owl. The answer might surprise you!

And be sure to check out The Fairy Circle if you want to read about all of the guides.

The Fairy Circle

About Mara

Welcome Friends!

I am Mara Caitlin, a practicing witch who has been immersed in the world of witchcraft since I was 15 years old. My journey has led me to specialize in Celtic lore, animism, and the enchanting realm of fairies.

Before turning this dream into a reality, I worked as a Registered Nurse. During my college years, I took advantage of elective classes to explore my deep interests in world religions, theology, folklore, and art. This eclectic education gave me a deeper understanding of not just my own faith, but other faiths around me, and profoundly shaped my practice and artistic endeavors.

Today, I am a witchy artist with a vibrant community of over 150K followers on TikTok. Through this platform, I’ve built a space where like-minded individuals can connect, share, and learn from one another. It's been so amazing!

I am fervently passionate about women's rights, environmentalism, and healthy living. These values are integral to my life and work, influencing everything from my art to my everyday practices. My art and content are deeply inspired by my passions and the magical world around us.

Looking ahead, my aspirations include moving to Europe, writing extensively about fairy faith, and creating educational courses on the subject. I also dream of illustrating my own oracle or tarot deck, bringing my visions to life in a way that others can use and enjoy. Additionally, I hold hope for achieving remission with my autoimmune disease, allowing me to continue my work with renewed energy and vitality.

Thank you for joining me on this magical journey. I’m excited to share, grow, and explore the mysteries of the universe together.

Blessed be my sweet fairy friends!

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